July 23, 2024


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Is It Free? Business Opportunity

Is It Free? Business Opportunity

SFI (Strong Future International) does not require their affiliates to pay a membership fee or meet a purchase requirement. As long as an affiliate continues to long into the Affiliate Center he or she remains an active affiliate. Affiliates can make money by referring business owners to the E-Commerce Associate (ECA) Program at Triple Clicks, referring customers to the Triple Clicks store or referring people to become affiliates of SFI. These are all great ways to earn an income.

1. All affiliates are eligible to make Business Owner referrals to the Triple Clicks store,This will help earn Versa Points and lucrative royalties for life! Simply refer companies that sell products to the ECA Gateway. For each approved ECA, an affiliate can earn 10% of the CV on all of their sales at TripleClicks.com. Plus, an affiliate can immediately earn an 100 VP when their ECA generates their first $10 or more in sales. The ECA referral program is very powerful because all an affiliate has to do is introduce an ECA to Triple Clicks to start earning royalties for life! Every time anyone-anywhere in the world-buys something at Triple Clicks from an affiliates referred ECAs, an affiliate earns a royalty! A royalty is a direct commission equaling 10% of the total Commission Volume for all of their referred ECAs.

Tip #1: An affiliate should buy from their own referred ECAs to receive “rebates” their purchases.

Tip #2: Use a T Connect Website to refer customers to their ECA’s “store within a store”. With Direct Commissions and ECA Royalties, an affiliate can earn a handsome 55% of the CV on any sales generated!

2. SFI Pay-Per-Action Program (Available To All Affiliates)

All affiliates are eligible to receive commission from the pay per action program. Each time an affiliate gets another affiliate to sign up the affiliate could earn a bounty up to $10. The amount of the bounty varies upon the activity of their sign-ups. For example, SFI compares the average Versa Points scored by their sign-ups to the average Versa Points scored by all non-PPA-generated affiliates who joined SFI during the same month as their sign-ups. This comparison of averages helps ensure that legitimate sign-ups are being generated. Affiliates may also BONUSES:

*Earn an additional 50 cent bonus on any of the sign-ups from the United States or Canada.

*Earn an additional $8 bonus on any of the sign-ups that achieve the rank of Team Leader within 90 days of signing up.

3. Direct Commission From Purchases

Basic affiliates qualify to earn direct commissions on purchases made at the Triple Clicks store. Each time, a personally sponsored SFI affiliate or a personally referred Triple Clicks customer makes a purchase the sponsor earns 45% of the commission volume. Here is a good example:

Earnings Example: An order is placed by one of the personally referred TC members that has $23 CV and 1,725 VP. The affiliate earns a $10.35 Direct Commission (45% of $23) and 1,725 shares in the Triple Clicks Executive Pool.

Once the personally sponsored affiliate has been recruited by their sponsor could have a customer for life. A good way to encourage them to buy from the store is by offering them a $12 gift card, which only costs a $1.00. Another plus is that SFI takes care of all order processing, product shipments, and customer service at no cost extra cost to the affiliate, and pays a Direct Commission for every order placed by the customers

SFI is a business and will encourage their affiliates to invest. Is it smarter to work your business for free or to invest time and money?