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February Forecast – Uranian Style Astrology

February Forecast – Uranian Style Astrology

February 15th, Mars is 22 1/2 to Neptune. The Sun is still close enough on Monday to help keep any subversive actions well hidden. Uranus + Zeus = Saturn/Pluto, and this looks like sudden erratic behavior can create a financial downswing.Venus will be 22 1/2 to Hades, sex and money scandals are hot topics today.

On Tuesday, February 16th, the Sun will be 135 to Zeus, Sun + Mercury, Poseidon Saturn, and Mercury + Uranus = Nodes + Zeus =Poseidon. It’s a day of sudden irrational, independent thinking and youths can, quite literally, cause some fiery explosions. Venus, Jupiter is 22 1/2 to the midpoint of Saturn and Uranus, unhappily indicating frustration due to money losses.

As you can see the transits are getting interesting.

Wednesday the 17th begins with Mercury + Mars = Sun, a day of angry confrontations. Be careful driving in the morning, driver’s moods and bad road conditions can result in dented fenders. Uranus + Saturn, Pluto = Jupiter and 30 minutes off the cardinal axis, financial bad news and losses will be felt by many, and that picture is not good.

February 18th has Uranus + Pluto = Jupiter an 0 cardinal, noting financial instability in the world of investments that has everyone nervous. Neptune + Apollon = Mercury, news of embezzlement or other financial negative news can hit the air waves especially at days end when Venus will be 22 1/2 to Saturn and 0 cardinal midpoint, and Saturn + Apollon = Sun. This will be a day to stay in bed, and away from reading about and listening to the news.

Friday the 19th, begins with Sun + Saturn = Mars, and Mars + Admetos = Mercury. News on the job front is not good. In fact, it is downright depressing. Later in the day, Venus moves to a 22 1/2 to Saturn. The day begins with bad job news and ends with bad financial news. The global financial picture is unstable as Pluto + Uranus = 0 cardinal and 22 1/2 to Jupiter.

Saturday the 20th, the global financial picture is the headlines in the morning as Uranus + Pluto = Mercury on the cardinal axis. Not spending money is the name of the game today. Sun will be 22 1/2 to Poseidon, and the day should be spent relaxing and exploring your spiritual sense and well-being.

Sunday the 21st. It is a good thing that it’s Sunday and the stock market is closed because today the midpoint of Saturn and Hades will be 22 1/2 to Jupiter, and that spells major financial loss and downsizing. A sense of gloom prevails, brought on by some bad news as 0 cardinal + Saturn = Mercury.

Monday, February 22nd, the bad news continues as Mercury will be 135 to Saturn. The entire world is nervous about their investments as 0 cardinal is still the midpoint of Pluto and Uranus.

Tuesday, February 23rd. Meet this morning with your own power plays and you have the potential for success in halting the downward trend. The morning begins with Mercury + Pluto = Apollon, and ends with Venus +Jupiter = Apollon.This planetary picture has the financial picture looking brighter.

Wednesday, February 24th, Mercury + Saturn = Pluto and Apollon, indicating that the optimism of the day before is gone today. Sun + Hades = Nodes, indicates a sorrowful day, and separations can be in the cards.

Thursday, February 25th, the day begins with frustration as the Sun will be 22 1/2 to the midpoint of Saturn and Uranus, and Venus will be 22 1/2 to Admetos which is midpoint to Mercury and Neptune. The housing market takes a downward turn. Jupiter is 22 1/2 to Pluto and Hades. Beware of financial dishonesty on this day. Check your receipts, credit cards and bank statements. In fact, review all of your bills very carefully.

Friday, February 26th, has Mercury square Neptune and there is a focus on negotiations. Venus + Neptune = Sun could mean romantic illusions or negotiations for major works of art to be displayed. Or how about negotiations to keep major deceptive financial dealings under wraps.

Saturday February 27th, Mercury will be conjunct Neptune, + Venus = Sun and Jupiter, a day to be used for total relaxation. Point your mind in the direction of anything and everything that is pleasurable. Read a book, go to the movies, but do not go shopping

The full moon on February 28th has the Sun conjunct Jupiter, and as many of you reading this know, full moons bring out the crazies. Jupiter conjunct the Sun can bring out more crazies than usual. Yet, at the same time, Jupiter also tells us to stop bad habits and we will have beneficial results. There is also a Mercury + Zeus = Venus this is good for creative endeavors, like listening to music, going to an art exhibit, or working on an artistic project.

Come Monday, March 1st, you will be aware the weekend is over as the Sun will be 22 1/2 to the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, and Jupiter + Vulcanus = Saturn. Money problems are alive and well. Venus + Hades = Uranus indicates sudden financial improprieties. Pulling back financially will prove to be better in the long run, right now less is more.