July 20, 2024


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Wela Slimberry Product Review: Phenomenal Multi-Level Marketing Home Business Opportunity

Wela Slimberry Product Review: Phenomenal Multi-Level Marketing Home Business Opportunity

Health and Wellness supplements are all the rage in American culture today. But because they are not evaluated by the FDA, it is difficult to say whether they are as effective as they claim. However, much of a product’s success in the market, depends largely over the consumers’ attitude. I am a big believer in “mind over matter.” If you give someone a health supplement packed with vitamins and minerals, and they think it is doing them a world of good, then who is to say it isn’t?

Comprised of the Acai Berry Powder, Fulvic Minerals, Pomegranate Powder,the Stevia plant, and a few more powdered berries and minerals, the Wela Slimberry Nutritional Supplement drops are said to assist with weight loss, increase energy levels, aid in the removal of toxins from the body and provide an over-all increase in health benefits through immune system support. There are also claims that ingesting these drops has also helped diabetics lower their blood sugars.

Founded by Ryan Burgard, John Penny and Mark Gullett, and based out of Springfield, Missouri, Wela Slimberry is a home-based multi-level marketing opportunity which offers a generous compensation plan, marketing and training strategies, leads to get you started, and a product which appears to pack quite a wallop. The Wela Slimberry supplement already has a huge following of satisfied clients, which is nice in any business, but in the very impacted world of multi-level marketing, it’s an edge over the competition. Member are known as Revenue Sharing Partners, with Wela being marketed as a “franchise-like” system. The idea is for Wela’s members to “profit quickly while building long-termed financial security.”

Compensation Plan:

According to the Wela Website, there is a 65 percent compensation plan payout for “helping to grow the company.” There is a start-up fee of $49.95, which will include a sample of the Slimberry nutritional supplement drops. Their homepage offers a full explanation of the different ways to make income with the levels or tiers, etc., but a quick overview of the plan is as such:

  • Fast Start Bonuses, with a profit of $16.00 per sale.
  • Preferred Customer Bonuses earn $10.00 per sale.
  • Back-end income with Cycle Bonuses based on “down-line” distributors you sign up on first and second levels paid at 25%.
  • Performance-Based Pools

Legitimate Company?

Wela appears to be a dynamic company which is offering a product that people want and use. This is a home-based online MLM opportunity and I feel that the earning potential is good, for the right individual. It is a sad fact that fully 95 percent of online marketing businesses will fail in the first year, leaving only 5 percent to dominate!

Having a great product to sell puts you one step ahead in the game. But it is imperative that you make yourself stand out in the very competitive world of online marketing.You must be able to effectively market your product in order to smash your competition and be one of the 5 percent who are successful in this business.