June 22, 2024


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There Is An Opportunity In Every Difficulty

It is never easy to believe that there is an opportunity in every difficulty. We all love to stay away from problems and lead a comfortable existence without hassles. These hard times can bring out the worst and best in us. Yet, such fear at our door may be a great motivation to create a stronger life.

Have you ever thought about changing the way you view things? How can you react differently to such situations? Do you become emotional during difficult circumstances? What can you do?

Whether it is in business or life, it is always easier to say “I can’t” when difficulty arises. But it is the constraints, your emotions and a lack of ideas that keeps you stuck on a problem. When you can shift your mindset from a “can’t” to “can,” then you might see a problem as a possible opportunity. So, it is a mindset that you can craft.

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein

The Seed of Opportunity
Therefore, you cannot have success without dealing with difficulties. Each new experience you have brings with it the seed of possibility. Even your current problems have within them the prospect of chances. You must look for the opportunity in every difficulty instead of seeing the difficulty in every opportunity.

As an alternative, you have to look at your problems as potential opportunities. Each situation is a great challenge and can be the best thing that is happening to you. You know very well that when it is dark enough, you can always see the stars.

So in life, you must reinforce your belief that every difficulty you encounter presents a hidden opportunity, provided you are searching for it. I do not know about you, but I am a relatively optimistic person since I always consider the best result in everything I come across in life.

Difficulty Brings Opportunity
Successful people, high Performers and great athletes are all optimistic people. They see barriers and troubles as happening ‘for them’ and not to them. Do you realize the difference? In this way, they find the opportunity in every difficulty. And they stay the course committed to their goals and dreams.

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty” – Winston Churchill.

As you can see, this quote illustrates two different kinds of personality in people. There are the pessimists who always see flaws and faults in all things, while there are the optimists who always see definite possibilities in every situation. It is like looking at a glass of water and choosing if it is half empty or half full. It shows two different stories and opposite opinions, but the meaning remains the same.

The Attitude in Difficulty
But again, I think both of these attitudes can be right or wrong, depending on the circumstances. If a person gets too optimistic, they might overlook the severe risks involved that may seriously hinder his or her goals. On the other hand, if someone is too pessimistic, they might miss many crucial opportunities that would give them a better life.

Therefore, if you know your usual attitude toward things, it may help you in achieving your goals. It means that, if you are an optimistic person, you may remind yourself to be aware of potential obstacles. But if you are a pessimist, you might find it useful to encourage yourself to pursue your dreams.

So, an opportunity often shows when least expected. The toughest part is to be aware of it since it is not apparent most of the time. The best way is to listen to your instincts as I believe it is crucial when you feel you should take action. Look around at your circumstances. And see what resources are available to you at the time.

Follow Your Instincts
Therefore, you must learn to follow your instincts. It often is a feeling that draws you to something which holds the information that will get you closer to your desire. In life, many times, I felt inspired to go somewhere or call someone, or even to avoid certain things, or places. Not you?

Then, you need to think about what you want to achieve on a day-to-day basis. Look at everything as an opportunity. Realize that every person, place, or event is a chance to bring you closer to your goals. Every experience you get through makes you stronger and you can use each one to make you grow.

So, if an experience, situation or event seems unpleasant, try to learn something from it. I agree; it is not an easy thing to do when you are emotional. But you cannot go back and change it, so better to look forward and ahead. It is the only way to grow and develop from a problematic situation.

The Time to Adjust Your Sails
Understand that the harsh experiences you went through can help others avoid or go through the same thing. You might be able to make a difference in another person’s life. Unless you are on the right path, do not hold on to the belief that once you take part in something, you have to follow through no matter what.

And it does not mean that you are a failure or a quitter, when you go through a tough time, a difficulty, or a struggle. It may show you it is a time to adjust your sails to get on the right track. The last time I was in Belgium, I held on to a vision that an opportunity for a better life could happen. I worked hard, sometime thirty-six hours in a roll, while I slept in my car, for a couple of hours, in the underground parking.

But then the company closed its doors. I had no job or opportunity for a year. Eventually, I grew tired of the mentality, the environment and the discrimination I was facing. Everywhere I went, the door closed. I did my best to ignore it and continue. But it got to a point where I had to reassess whether I was happy to still being there and if I was at the place I should be.

Tough Times Create Opportunity
The truth was that it was not the right place for me. I had to make a decision. So I went into deep thinking and decided to follow my instincts to a country unknown to me at the time. When leaving, it felt like a relief. I had no doubt whatsoever, and I left with a great frame of mind. I knew I was creating an opportunity for myself.

Today, I have no regrets about leaving that country. Of the three times, I stayed there; it only brought me disappointment. I had a few friends there, but they understood my decision. You just need to remember that there is an opportunity in every difficulty and that difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

So, if you feel stuck or frustrated in some circumstances, please know that you can leave because it is your life. You have the power to change it. And you do not have to endure such existence. If an event, relationship or situation causes you pain or is no longer serving you, do yourself a favor and get the courage to leave.

The Door of Opportunity Lies in Difficulty
However, reflect on the lessons you get from your circumstances and learn from it. You are the only one that chooses the meaning things have in your life. Even if you cannot see it right away, there is an opportunity and a door out for every situation. You just have to find the resources around you to help you.

So, do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it. And if you are experiencing something unpleasant far too long, do not be scared to leave it behind. There is no harm in doing that. You have to be kind to yourself before you can ever be kind to someone else.

As you face different challenges and obstacles in life, you may at times feel powerless. But within those very circumstances lies a door of opportunity. You may not see it yet, but it is there. Just learn to control your reactions and emotions.

Be Aware of Thoughts and Words
Remember that your words and thoughts reflect how you feel. Pay attention to what you are saying and thinking to yourself at those times. Be aware that you are creating with what you think and say. And be true to yourself.

So take time to rest, recharge and think well. When in difficulty, ignore what is going around you and instead turn within yourself. Ask what you can learn from the situation you are in and relax so that when things are more transparent, you realize that there is a door or window of opportunity in every difficulty.