June 17, 2024


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Opportunity Never Comes But Once

Opportunity comes but once.

Now, let’s get real here. Do you believe that? Seriously?

Not so quick. Before you think of an answer, consider this one too:

Opportunities are like buses. There is always another one on the road coming.

This one is just one of the scores of highly inspiring Richard Branson quotes you would love.

So, looking at these two opportunity quotes which one would you readily work with? You can see that I’m not asking you which one do you agree with. We can argue over their respective merits from here to eternity. So let’s leave that side alone – at least for now.

Which one would you make your companion as you make the effort to achieve more in your life? Is it the homely opportunity comes but once one or the inspiring Richard Branson one?

If you ask me the same question, I would gladly go for the Richard Branson quote. I just happen to hate anything that seeks to dampen my spirit.

If I had taken the first one as the gospel truth, I would have become a frustrated underachiever years ago, left with no energy to keep on fighting. I wouldn’t even have the motivation to keep posting on this site.

Fortunately for me, in spite of the tough times, I have refused to give up because I honestly trust that so long as there is life within me, I have a fighting chance to impact the world in wonderful ways I can.

It has been proven time without number that regardless of the number of times one squandered one’s opportunities in the past, the universe has still got a lot to offer the one who refuses to stop trying easily.

The only time failing becomes an enemy of success is when you fail to learn your lessons after messing up big time. That is why we have another saying which goes like:

Quitters never win and winners never quit.

Much as there may be some wisdom in the old adage, opportunity comes but once, I will not advise you to let it stick in your mind. People who allow this opportunity-comes-but-once idea to condition their attitude in whatever they do are prone to give up on their dreams too easily as soon as they encounter a problem or two along the way.

Once in a while, each one of us will fail at something or miss a golden opportunity to do something really big in our lives. Should you give up trying to make an impact on your world any time you are met with failure? Will you quit just because of the saying opportunity comes but once?

If you watch the movies or read the accounts about the lives of such great achievers as Frank Sinatra, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill, you will marvel at the sheer number of missed opportunities they all had to contend with along the road to their individual glories.

The next time you make a mistake that results in your missing an opportunity, do not ever throw in the towel. The creator of our universe of overflowing abundance has many more opportunities in stock for you. Get up if ever you fall down. Reinvent yourself and start moving once again if something ever stops you or derails your plans. In no time, a much bigger opportunity will come knocking.

And who knows, you may even thank goodness for missing the previous one so you can now take full, and possibly more rewarding, advantage of the new one.

As one door closes, another door opens.

Just keep this in mind always. A particular opportunity may come only once in your lifetime but it is good to know that the countless varieties of opportunities in the universe are truly like buses – you have all it takes to take advantage of the next one… and the next one… and the next one… which will certainly come your way.