July 13, 2024


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Network Marketing – Emerging Trends For Making Big Money Online

Network Marketing – Emerging Trends For Making Big Money Online

I have to start out by telling you that I am a HUGE believer in Network Marketing, and I have been my entire adult life. However, I can’t condone the outdated and 95% failure approaches of the past in this industry.

Many “Gurus” in the industry are still spouting off about the same old techniques that only work 5% of the time (probably even less now). How many times have you heard “Make your list of 200 friends and contact them all” or “Just sign up 2 and the system will start paying you huge money” or maybe it was “With my new and improved system, you will NEVER have to talk to anyone!”

This last one is my favorite! If I have learned anything about successful networking, it is that this is a “Relationship” business. If I never talk to someone, how strong a relationship will we have developed? The answer is that it will be WEAK, and any person I sign up that way will be gone and onto the next new deal before the ink dries on his application.

Today I want to focus on some emerging trends involving Online Network Marketing that are turning this industry on its head!

More specifically, I want to share with you how to harness the power of the internet age to accomplish things like:

  • Never Having To Spend Money On Prospects
  • Having Interested Prospects Contacting YOU
  • Where To Go For Assistance and Support

Make a DECISION to do things differently.

If you are already successfully bringing in 20 new members to your group each month, than ignore what I am saying. But if you are among the 95% of entrepreneurs that are struggling to apply what your sponsor may have told you…This is directed at you.

I worked VERY hard to implement the strategies suggested by some people in various Network Marketing companies. I even created a couple of great teams of people and a good supplemental income. I just grew tired of passing along the same old useless information that I had been fed. I am not blaming any sponsors or leadership here. I had every choice in the world about who I listened to, and I chose to take their word that their methods would work for me.

Eventually I just got FED UP with the minimal results and the mandatory Auto-Ships, and the phone-calls and the webcasts, and the purchased leads, and the whining distributors, and the penniless prospects that couldn’t start a lemonade stand…

Get the point? I just became fed up and decided that there had to be a better way to go about this business.

Frustration Catapulted Me To Do 2 Things

First, I made a decision to find a better way to work my business. Second, I took full responsibility for my business and the results it produces. Once I made the decision to find a better way, things got interesting very quickly…

I found out that there are hundreds of “Gurus” online professing to have found “THE ANSWER” to all of my marketing problems.

There are affiliate programs – Garbage

There are a million E-books – Mostly Garbage

There are a ton of hyped-up, over-promising and under-delivering programs and systems.

I began to get extremely OVERWHELMED. Fortunately one of the first programs I bought was a 16-minute speed reading course. (It actually did help) Because for the next two months I immersed myself into the vast amount of information available on the internet to help me grow a huge downline…All the while my downlines were actually shrinking due to my lack of focus!

There are literally millions of ways to grow your business using the internet. For the sake of time, I will not cover ALL of them here. I discovered a few good resources and decided that I needed
to put something into ACTION. One of the greatest tools I discovered is what I am doing
right here…Writing articles and submitting them is a great source of advertising and branding.

Start out by reading a lot of other people’s articles. See what gets your attention, what interests you, what strikes you as pertinent or relevant… Once you have discovered your “Niche”, begin seeking out reliable and straight-forward people within that niche.

I will tell you who two of my favorites are…

Jimmy Brown – He has a tremendous amount of expertise in article and ad writing. As a matter of fact I am using an article creation program of his to write this.

Jonathan Budd – I chose Jonathan Budd as my “Virtual Sponsor” to help guide me through the process of getting started online. His direct and to-the-point writing and videos resonated with me.

Tapping Into The 8th Largest Country On The Planet

204,000,000 people are estimated to be on MySpace. That makes it the 8th largest nation in the world. This is only one of several LARGE Social-Networking sites out there. By learning how to tap into this type of site, you will be able to generate an ENDLESS stream of interested prospects, who want to do business exclusively with you.

Using technology to develop relationships and build your own list of hungry prospects is so much easier to do than I imagined.

You can learn more at: The Simplest System [http://www.TheSimplestSystem.com]


Save yourself a TON of time and money by latching onto this concept

Learn to use the power of the internet and the social-networking craze to build your business.

The possibilities for growth online are limitless!

If you don’t…Then who will, If not NOW…when?