June 20, 2024


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MLM 2010 – A Business and Opportunity Review

MLM/2010 is a new multilevel marketing opportunity based in the health and wellness industry. With its prelaunch now over and as of February 19th of 2010, this new network marketing company believes it has a solid business and opportunity for many over the next decade…so do they?

MLM/2010 has one product which is a powerful nutritional supplement based on a powder formula. The powder is sealed inside separate sticks each with a unique flavor and ingredients for different effects to the body. The powders contain many mixes of different super fruits from blueberries to Goji berries. The individual packs are mixed with water and delivered as a nutritional drink and it is suggested with a mix of 1 pack to every 12 to 16 oz. of water. The cost of the sticks will be per box at over $20+ dollars or set up as an autoship of four boxes for $100 dollars per month.

Network and multilevel marketing will be involved in building your business and selling or recruiting friends and family will be a must. Learning to effectively market online will also be a necessary step in building your business with MLM/2010. The compensation plan is based upon the personal volume (PV) sold by the individual distributor. There is also a bonus pool within the system that is very typical of most multilevel marketing opportunities. These pools are based upon the PV, or personal volume of your down line as a whole. Of course these bonuses are usually paid upon an actual qualifying amount of PV as a whole over a defined period of time.

As with many new Company, or those in their prelaunch phase, it is very necessary to do your complete due diligence before investing into a network marketing opportunity. The cost of this opportunity does seem low, but you will need to factor in the cost of advertising and of course the amount of the actual product you will need on hand. The health and wellness industry is a highly saturated industry and those who decide to enter these programs will need to learn how to brand themselves quickly as a leader.