June 20, 2024


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Mass Money Makers Review – Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunity

Mass Money Makers is an affiliate marketing business opportunity that has currently launched. The opportunity is based around a so-called “super affiliate software” and an educational system to help individuals create a substantial income with ClickBank products. Here is a simple and honest review of the affiliate marketing program.

Mass Money Makers has currently launched it’s affiliate marketing business opportunity to the public as of December 2010. The product itself is based upon the opportunity of promoting the program of MMM and learning how to promote other products, services and programs through ClickBank. The cost of the opportunity is low, but there will be costs of overhead through creating a solid funnel using platforms such as splash pages and blogs.

The software and training program will focus on affiliate products and upselling individuals from one product to another, which in and of itself is good as these customers will receive some of the best products and services from ClickBank. However, this program offers only a limited amount of training which will focus on specific targeted products and services and how to market them effectively with and through the search engines. This will take solid effort and application of the training as most so-called “fully automated software” programs are just great sales copy. The program and business will however come with some very useful e-mail marketing strategies and banner ads that should help those who currently have a LIST to market to.

Creating a substantial income through ClickBank products can be achieved and as many can see on the MMM site there are literally a 100 or so top online marketers on board and promoting the program and the affiliate business opportunity as well. This fact alone could discourage those who have no experience at online or affiliate marketing about working hard for the bonuses and awards for the most sales with the program. Making money and a substantial amount online will be determined by not only what you know, but how hard and often you apply that knowledge.

Mass Money Makers is a legitimate affiliate marketing business opportunity that some could find success with, especially the 100 plus top marketers that are part of this program already you will be competing with. Learning how to effectively brand YOU online is what those of us who have found success at making money online or creating a substantial income focused on first and foremost, not jumping at each and every affiliate marketing product or service that came out. It is best to complete your due diligence with any affiliate program or opportunity before the investment of money and time is invested.