July 23, 2024


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Marketing Your Trailer Hire Business

Marketing Your Trailer Hire Business

Once you have your trailer(s) ready for hire you need to let as many people as possible know. This is the part of the business that is often either overlooked or not pushed enough. No matter whether it is a trailer hire business you are trying to make a go of or something like a restaurant, hotel, shop, or online website store; none of them are going to make any money without customers!

You could have the most wonderful trailer in the country, but unless people know about it and can hire it easily, you are wasting your time. So you need to market your trailer hire business effectively. So starting close to home look at your trailer and see where you can place an advert advertising the fact it is available for hire. Get a weatherproof sign made and mounted on it.

Next, let everyone you know that you now have a trailer for hire. Speak to them, phone them, text them, and email them. Either you or your family go round your village, town or district with fliers in their hands and post them through letter boxes. Arrange for teenagers to do it for you for a small fee. Contact your local newsagent and ask them if their paper boy or girl will deliver the fliers at the same time as the newspapers.

Contact your local newspaper and see if you can arrange for your flier to be inserted in each edition. Leave your fliers where people congregate – taxi offices, takeaway shops and diy shops. Leave your flier or smaller card in every supermarket in your district – remember to call back every 10 days to put up another one.Go to your local libraries and put your advert on their notice board.

In local shops arrange for your advert to be put in their window for a small fee per month. If you have more money to spend on marketing you could arrange with your local taxi firm to have advertising on their taxis. Same goes for local bus companies. Visit your local skip hire business and come to some arrangement to have your business advertise with them. This way anyone hiring a skip may also want a trailer to hire.

Next move to online possibilities. In this country just like America, there are yahoo groups. The two groups you want to post messages (adverts) on are – Freecycle and Cheapcycle. The first, Freecycle has allsorts of household and other items available for people to collect from them, for free. Some of these items are large, too large for loading into a car. These people will be reluctant to pay removal firm fees. They want cheap transportation, as soon as possible. It is the same with Cheapcycle, although these items cost their customers, they still want one off transportation for hire.

Classified ads online such as Loot, Intergiant, FreeUKClassified, Vivastreet, Classifieds, FreeAds, and Onlinexchange are all places you could advertise. There is also a website called Craigslist, which is very widespread in America and has the same rising success over here. However, recently Craigslist has attracted ‘time wasters and others who want to spend their time ‘messing people about’. So by all means visit the website and judge for yourself. If you decide to place an advert. Make sure the person hiring your trailer is ‘bona fide’ (in good faith).

While thinking about online advertising and marketing you might consider having your own website. Your own trailer hire website maybe worthwhile. Setting up a website requires the following- a Domain name, Hosting, a platform such as WordPress (free), a PayPal account and a Google AdSense account. This would be the minimum necessary to have an online business.