July 23, 2024


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Is JAFRA a Profitable and Legit Opportunity? JAFRA Review

Is JAFRA a Profitable and Legit Opportunity? JAFRA Review

I decided to investigate an opportunity called JAFRA due to the number of scams running online, this is what I found out…

The Transformation

JAFRA Cosmetics has been around for over 50 years which basically focuses on women’s skin care products and career opportunities. In 26 major countries, there are more than 500,000 beauty consultants, who independently market and sell JAFRA Cosmetics.

JAFRA joined the Vorwerk group in 2004. Vorwerk is a German-based supplier of home products.

The company also has involvement in social welfare programs, like The American Heart Association’s “Go Red For Women”.

Something to Look Out For

Among the many developments in the products of JAFRA Cosmetics’ line is the incorporation of Royal Jelly in their milk balm. Royal Jelly is known for its rejuvenating benefits. Its Sirtuin Activators stimulate the skin to make it look younger. The Cellspan Complex enhances the beautifying benefits of Royal Jelly to make the skin more moisturized and radiant.

Their line also includes more advanced skin care, body care, products for teens and children, and a collection of fragrances.

Equal Opportunity

JAFRA Cosmetics’ compensation plan follows the basic retail commission structure. On your first month as an associate, you have to place $300 on retail sales order and earn 50% commission to qualify to the second month rewards. On the second month, you will receive the JAFRA logo pin, a Time Duo valued at $80 and you qualify to the third month’s rewards. On the third month, you will receive 5 products valued at $170, earn membership in the Active Sellers Club, and receive a JAFRA Consultant Information Card.

Aside from all these; you will receive classified monthly bonuses and additional bonuses. Also, retail percentages vary with the number of people you have personally sponsored, if you have met your monthly requirements, and if you have achieved a certain sales volume. Your personal ranking in the company indicates the corresponding bonus percentages that you shall receive.

From what I’ve seen so far, it seems to look like a legit opportunity.

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