June 14, 2024


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How To Use Free Online Classified Advertising In Marketing

There are a plethora of free advertising websites online that use classified sites for their many source of marketing for companies. All types of advertisers use this method to reach potential buyers. Businesses, individuals, sole traders and even non-profit organizations use this method.

Most of these services offer a top tier service as well. This means that most ads are shown on a last in first shown basis. This means if you posted your ad last, it shows up at the top. The truth is this is overrated; the most important thing is getting your ad optimized using the main search terms. Typically sponsored ads are above all other ads based on a search term. This operates much like Google Ad words, where you can pay to sponsor a search for a term like “cars in Idaho”.

This means your ad will show up at the top every time someone searches for this term. One of the best ways to leverage this method of advertising is by publishing more than one advert that uses different keywords and to use related niches. So if you have a carpet cleaning service, you can advertise in home repair, in real estate, in interior decorating and other related services. So not specifically people searching for the term “carpet cleaning” should be your target market.

The key is to test keywords and ads and see which ones yield the best results in terms of conversions. In essence what this means is that you test terms like ‘carpet cleaning’, ‘carpet cleaning service’ and ‘carpet cleaner’; based on results, specifically traffic and conversion you would replicate this campaign on paid services such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

You can also use affiliate marketing to drive leads using these keywords as well. Once you have this down to a science it now becomes rinse and repeat. As a marketer you will see the benefit of these tests. This means that finding an inexpensive source of advertising is critical to success and the best source is online free classified ads.