July 18, 2024


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How Can I Become a Successful Leader in the Mandura Business Opportunity

How Can I Become a Successful Leader in the Mandura Business Opportunity


I was introduced to the Mandura Business Opportunity by someone who visited my website recently. He shared with me the benefits of the one line compensation plan and the 30 ways of getting paid. I decided to do a Review on Mandura by visiting their website. I wanted to see if Mandura was legitimate or just another scam.

I will tell you about the company, product and compensation plan. I will also provide you the information you need to become a successful Mandura Business Leader. This information will be important to you whether you are already a distributor or looking to become one.

The Company

The Company launched in 2008 with the determination to give back to society. Their mission is to enrich the lives of individuals and families worldwide by serving one another and providing superior nutritional products and a rewarding financial opportunity. They have partnered with Kids Against Hunger where they provide a meal for every bottle sold.

The Product

The Mandura Juicehas in it “The Royal Family of Fruits”. Those fruits include the Durian, which is a spiky egg-shaped fruit found in South East Asia, The Mangosteen Fruit from Asia, The Acai from Brazil and the Blueberry from North America.

Those fruits provide the essential vitamins and nutrients that Americans are lacking. Those vitamins and nutrients fight against the dangers posed by free radicals. Free radicals cause cell damage, which lead to cancer, age-related diseases and heart disease.

The Opportunity

Joining the Opportunity costs as low as $30 to get started, with the option of buying the distributor kit for and additional $30. The compensation plan is what they call a straight line forced matrix. This means that once an individual enrolls as an independent business owner (IBO) in the company, any IBO that enrolls after them, regardless of who sponsors them, will fall into their organization. This enables the IBO to have more income than expenses.

How Can I Become A Mandura Business Leader?

In order to qualify for commissions in Mandura, you need to recruit at least one person into your business. Sounds easy if all you want to do is make a small commission. If you want to make a commission that will allow you to leave your JOB, you will want to sponsor at least five distributors. You will also want your distributors to do the same.

Trying to do this by making a list of friends and family members will work for some people. This method will not work for most people. This is why it is important to learn how to market the product and the opportunity using the internet.

The way it should be done on the internet is not by promoting the product and opportunity up front. You should promote yourself as an expert and provide value to people. This is called attraction marketing. People don’t join companies, they join people. If you send someone to the company replicated website, they will usually look up the company on Google and join a leader in that company instead of you.


If you are looking to become that Mandura Business leader, then you will want to learn attraction marketing and brand yourself as an expert who provides value to people. If you do this, then you will have no problems recruiting people into your Mandura Business.