June 13, 2024


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How Audio Interviews Are a Big Money Maker That You Can Cash in On

Can you make money by cashing in on audio interviews? These are the real details on how this is accomplished.

When you are selling one on one that takes a lot of time. If I’m not using audio the way it’s accomplished is simply by leverage. Doing audio interviews and distributing them on the Internet through your Web site is selling one on many. You only have to do it one time and after I finish an interview, I don’t have to ever do the same one again and I can use it to sell my products or services or my credibility or create a package from it. I only have to do it once but it could be selling multiple people 24/7, anywhere in the world as long as they understand English. It’s that leverage. That is what I’ve been able to do with a lot of my audio interviews.

One interview; I only did it once and it just plays over and over again to someone interested in cold calling. This is compared to someone working at cold-calling for 4-5 years. So that has been a good money interview.

John Carlton interview has generated income through affiliate sales. Ted Nicholas has generated sales. HMA interviews, its not just one interview I’ve got about 12, 13 interviews on my Web site which educate and promote people on how to become a marketing consultant and I only had to do those interviews one time.

The Art Hamel interviews. That interview sold a lot of product or that combination of interviews, not just one interview. I probably have 12, 13 hours of interviews with him. My consulting interviews where I’m consulting with people online that promote a product called Audio Marketing Secrets that has been valuable to me. The Eugene Schwartz audio, Money Man Interview which is an interview with an expert on corporate financing. My interviews on barter to sell my secret loop hole barter product. Even Alex Mendosian teleseminar.

So you can’t deny that audio interviews work or that they sell products and services because they do and I’m doing it every day and I’m doing it while I’m sleeping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it’s all automatic. I guess that’s some of the proof elements that it really does work. I’m so convinced on it because I know it’s true. But usually there is not a day that I don’t sell something that’s been sold automatically.

I just had a sell come in before writing this article on a product with an expert named Ken Ellsworth on persuasion, which is an automatic product. The Web site is like a little, automatic vending machine, a little money vending machine. It’s like a collection of infomercials all in one place. Not all of them are selling and some are just pure content but there are a lot of interviews in there that are designed to sell something or to step in front of the demand of a prospect of someone who wants something.

Sometimes it’s not even the interview it’s the marketing. You may be able to have a terrible interview, really poor interview and still sell something because the market is super hungry. That is the most important thing is your market. But a well produced interview will sell more than a terrible one no matter who is in front of it. So you want to do it right from the first time.