May 18, 2024


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Freeway to Success Review – (A Legitimate Multilevel Marketing Opportunity?)

Freeway to Success is a multilevel marketing based business opportunity new to the industry. The opportunity is based on a “team of like-minded entrepreneurs working together to provide members with the necessary tools and information to create wealth.” So is this a legitimate business opportunity?

Freeway to Success was created by a team of entrepreneurs and is based in the multilevel marketing industry. The products consist of predominately discount cards from everything to restaurants, pharmacies to e-book clubs and even household goods. The opportunity costs $25 dollars plus a registration fee of $10 more dollars to begin and comes with a replicated website. The replicated site of course does not mean traffic to this freeway of an opportunity, the traffic will have to be worked for and some Internet marketing skills mastered.

The compensation plan with FTS is based upon a 5×5 matrix compensation structure with its main focus of course through recruiting others into the business opportunity itself. Of course there will be the opportunity to sell the services themselves to create a commission, but recruiting others is where the residual income will be made. For many who do not have skills to begin driving the much needed traffic to the replicated site will need to begin marketing to their warm market.

Although Freeway to Success is a legitimate multilevel marketing business opportunity, this industry does come with a high attrition rate. With such a high attrition rate will come the need to learn how to effectively drive quality traffic to the opportunity continually. This opportunity will also require thousands of individuals in each member’s down line to create the type of income stated on the site itself. It is always best to complete your due diligence before joining any multilevel marketing opportunity and learning how to effectively brand yourself online as a leader in the chosen industry to quickly find success.