May 20, 2024


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AdHitch Review – Moving Billboards Advertising Opportunity Review

AdHitch is the latest moving billboard advertising opportunity and platform to hit Main St. literally. What is this advertising opportunity all about and can it truly increase traffic to your Business? Here is a simple review of this unique platform.

AdHitch is a mobile or moving billboard advertising platform and opportunity for any business looking for a cost effective way to gain significant traffic to their business. Whether you own a traditional bricks and mortar business or are part of a multilevel or other home based business opportunity this could be a great way to drive traffic… no pun intended.

The cost of the ADH platform does seem steep when looking at the over $3000 dollar investment, but when it comes to reaching prospects and clients it is all about advertising. While not everyone works from home, most individuals spend an average of nearly 15 hours in their vehicles each week driving to and from work and or, social events with their families. After a long time study the facts have come in and repeat that this type of advertisement could increase your business somewhat substantially.

The system is complete with the with even a digital screen that hooks to the hitch of any vehicle and can display up to five different ads. The opportunity is in the fact that charging a monthly fee for other businesses can not only help you recoup your investment quickly, but also give yourself and your business a spot of advertisement as well. There is also a business opportunity built into the advertising platform with AdHitch through an affiliate or direct sales program. Of course this platform and opportunity will be best suited it seems for those who are currently already business owners.

The AdHitch is a legitimate mobile advertising opportunity, but could be a rather prosperous way to create an extra income through promoting and selling the ADH signs as well. It is true that traffic is exactly what we look for when it comes to our businesses and in this case… the opportunity of taking it directly to that traffic is there. It is best to do your complete due diligence before purchasing any advertising whatsoever opportunity or platform before investing.