May 30, 2024


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ACN Opportunity For Making Income For Life?

ACN: Income for Life?

ACN takes pride in being the largest direct-sales telecommunications company worldwide. Since 2006 they’ve been endorsed by multi-billionaire, and The Apprentice executive producer, Donald Trump. ACN’s Iris 3000 Videophone was featured on one 2009 The Apprentice episode. ACN, Inc., or American Communications Network, Inc., was founded in 1992 by Robert Stevanovski, Greg Provenzano, and twin brothers Tony and Mike Cupisz. The U.S. headquarters are located in Concord, North Carolina, and the company operates in twenty different countries.

ACN utilizes independent representatives, on commission and bonus basis, to secure customers for its telecommunications products, and to recruit additional independent representatives. Sign-up for a new representative costs $499. However, the compensation plan for reps is one of the best in the MLM industry.

Services sold by ACN include ACN Digital Phone Service, ACN Wireless, ACN Local and Long Distance Calling, ACN Home Security, ACN High-Speed Internet, ACN Satellite TV, and the highest quality video phone available on the market.

The Iris 3000 Video Phone features a large 7-inch digital screen, a light-adjusting camera sensor, a digital photo frame for displaying photos, downloadable ring tones, and built-in video mail. It also supports DECT 6.0 Uniden cordless phones, which provides the ability to get news, weather and sports online. Customers can also hook up adaptors to their home phone lines to use multiple IRIS 3000 Video Phones around their homes. With this kind of state-of-the art system, one would think the products could practically sell themselves.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has not been there to help ACN train its representatives to be business owners, or how to keep growing their businesses (which is too bad, because if there’s anyone who knows about marketing themselves, it’s Donald Trump). Instead, ACN keeps to the same status quo of the MLM industry: market to family and friends, often called the “warm market” approach. This type of narrow-focus marketing is the reason for a 96-98% failure rate in the network marketing world.

However, with the proper mentoring and tools, anyone just starting out in ACN should be able to make a six-figure income in the first year alone. The number of possible customers for ACN’s products is huge. For the Video Phone alone, just think of reaching out to parents, grandparents, or military families, all with family members located in other parts of the county or world.

If you are looking into ACN, really scrutinize your potential team trainer and executive team trainer before signing under them. Will he or she be there to train you on how to properly use the products? What training methods do they support? Will they go through all products and services with you before you start demonstrating to a potential customer?

Also, how up-to-date are they in new marketing mediums? The old days of marketing only to friends and family are a thing of the past. Like any business in this world, you need to put at least as much time into learning how to properly market your business as you do working your business. If not, your odds of success will be little to none.

Go in to ACN with your eyes wide open. This is a new day in marketing, and it is constantly changing. If you want a successful business, treat it like a business. Arm yourself with all the skills beforehand, keep current, put in the time, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor!