July 22, 2024


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A Proven Method to Cut Advertising and Marketing Costs and Increase Sales Revenue

A Proven Method to Cut Advertising and Marketing Costs and Increase Sales Revenue

When it comes to advertising your business, you have an unlimited number of choices: newspapers, yellow pages, online, in magazines, through direct mail, on television, on the radio, etc. As the marketing director for a national company, I receive countless advertising solicitations each week. Like you, I want the best return on my investment. I want to reach my target audience, for the lowest price possible, and be rewarded with a significant increase in my sales revenue. Here is, by far, the most cost effective way to accomplish this goal: an LED sign.

Now, you might be thinking that a sign is a big investment. Aren’t we in a recession? Why should you make a big investment during a recession? The answer is simple. The US Small Business Administration has done the research for you.   They report:  

“Businesses who added an outdoor LED sign enjoyed typical sales increases of 15% – 150%. Not only does an LED Display produce a great return on investment, it costs very little compared to other types of advertising. With an LED sign, the average cost to achieve 1000 impressions (CPT) on consumers as they pass your business is less than 10% of the cost to reach them using any other marketing medium, including TV, radio or newspaper.”   That’s right. They are saying that if you begin using an LED sign to advertise your business, you can reduce your advertising costs to less than 10% of what you are paying for traditional mediums, and increase your sales by 15% to 150%! Does this sound too good to be true?   

Sonic Restaurants across the United States have been installing LED signs. A Sonic Managing Partner reports, “Since my LED sign was installed, my night time business has increased about 20%.”  

It isn’t just big businesses that are reaping the rewards. Pastor Fred Garmon of Harvest Temple Church of God purchased an LED sign for his church. He was “paying between $250-400 per month in newspaper ads. With our sign, we do not even use the newspaper anymore…which saves us money…” Churches see an increase in visitors when using LED signs, just as businesses see an increase in customers.  

If a proven method of slashing you marketing costs and increasing your sales revenue has not caused you to leave this article to search out an LED supplier and get your own LED sign ordered, there are other benefits.

  • With an LED sign, you own the media and you control the content. With traditional advertising, you have to pay each time you run an ad. If you have a change or a new product to promote, you have to wait for the next issue to come out. With an LED Display, you are in control. You can change the message as often as you like. You don’t have to wait to advertise your special offers and there is no cost involved. 
  • The US Small Business Administration reports that approximately 85% of a company’s customers live or work within 5 miles of the business location. These are the people who are passing by each day. An LED sign allows you to reach 100% of these potential customers. Moving messages capture people’s attention. In fact, LED signs often become community landmarks. The owner of Dairy Queen in Nocona, Texas says that “I cannot go anywhere in town that someone does not stop me and make a positive comment about my sign.” The bottom line: Everyone who drives by will notice your messages advertising and promoting your business.  
  • LED signs provide immediate results. LED sign owners report that the signs have an immediate and significant impact on their sales. Warren Croft, Owner of Croft Lumber Company in Sayre, PA, purchased an LED sign for his business. The sign was featured in the local Sayre Times newspaper and when interviewed, Mr. Croft told this story: “Five minutes after the sign went up, a customer came in looking for an items we had advertised on the sign. He didn’t know we sold it. He drove by on his way home, saw it on the sign, turned around and came in and bought it.”  

There may be a recession going on out there. It may also be a good time to invest in your business. Many LED suppliers offer easy lease options. Buyers experience the immediate benefits of LED sign ownership and the essentially pays for itself.